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Karya village is a mountainous village of Lefkada which is 14 km from the town of Lefkada. It is built on the green slopes of the mountain at an altitude of 500 meters. It is renowned for its excellent climate, un paralleled natural beauty and polite and hospitable residents.

The Karsani embroideries are still known worldwide, which are still embroidered by the womens of the village. Visitors will admire the central market, traditional stone houses, narrow alleys and unique squares with perennial plane trees and will meet the stone-built fountain with plenty of running water. Guests can enjoy food and drink in traditional cafes and taverns.

Karya has a rich cultural tradition. It has preserved many of the traditional customs of the place, culminating in the three-day event of “Representation of the village wedding”. A visit to the private Folklore Museum with traditional exhibits will bring the visitor close to the lifestyle of its residents yesterday.

Mountain Village in lefkada.
Traditional stone house in Lefkas, lefkada.
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Villa in Lefkas

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